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Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit

Who will take care of you if you are unable to care for yourself?

Are you or your spouse over age 65 or disabled?

Did you serve 90 days of active duty?

Did you serve one day of duty during a declared state of war?

Are you in need of care with a loss of ADLs?

Were you honorably discharged?

You may be eligible for the Veterans Aid & Attendance benefit. See the chart below for the amount you may be eligible for.

  • Married veteran

    Up to $2,054/monthUp to $24,648/year

  • Single Veteran

    Up to $1,732/ month Up to $20,784/ year

  • Surviving spouse

    Up to $1,113 / month Up to $13,356/ year

VA's Aid and Attendance Benefit

Contact us to see if you are eligible!

Please note that if in the process of assisting you with your Non-Service Connected Pension benefits we identify a potential need for our financial services, you may eventually be provided with information regarding the purchase of insurance products.

United Senior Advisors Group is not affiliated with the U.S. government or any governmental entity. United Senior Advisors Group, through a strategic partnership with an individual accredited by the VA, is able to assist claimants in the preparation of a claim for VA benefits.

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